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Durga Puja Fashion Trends 2013

durga puja fashion trends

Durga Puja is a celebration of the Mother Goddess, and the victory of the revered warrior Goddess Durga over the evil buffalo demon Mahishasura. In 2013, Durga Puja takes place from October 9-13. Immersion is on October 14, 2013. In this post, we will look at the significance of the festival and Durga Puja fashion trends.



durga puja fashion trends



Durga Puja is celebrated in a similar manner to the Ganesh Chaturti festival. The start of the festival sees huge, elaborately crafted statutes of Goddess Durga installed in homes and beautifully decorated podiums all over the city. At the end of the festival, the statutes are paraded through the streets, accompanied by much music and dancing, and then immersed in the water.



Though Durga Puja and Kolkata are inseparable, it is not restricted to this city only. People love to celebrate this festival with a lot of pomp and show in every corner of India.



Streets dazzling with lights, places with huge pandals and idols, women all ready in gorgeous bright colored sarees and traditional outfits, streets full with tangy fast foods. You may be wondering what this is all about. Well, welcome to the grand festival in Kolkata, the city of joy. Celebrated with great pomp and show the festival of Devi Durga, is a mark of victory over evil. Durga Puja and Kolkata can never be imagined separately. It is one of the most ecstatic festivals of the Bengali people. One is sure to witness the sound of unique dhaaks, sounds of the counch shells, ulu dhani of women etc in this festive occasion.



This is how bollywood celebrities dress and celebrate the festival.



Rani Mukerji in Designer Red,White,Black Saree



durga puja fashion trends



Priyanka Chopra in puja dressed in a churidar-kurta with a red dupatta, and went minimal on the accessories and make-up



durga puja fashion trends



durga puja fashion trends



durga puja fashion trends



Kajol in Pink Saree



durga puja fashion trends



Ranbir kapoor in a kurta style shirt and jeans


durga puja fashion trends



Bachhan family – Amitabh in classic indian ethnic dressing and Aiswarya in Gree+Red salwar



durga puja fashion trends



Sonu Nigam in “Superman”



durga puja fashion trends



All fashion shops during this time prepare to stock up and also offer great promotions.



Clearly Red is the color of Goddess Durga. The color red symbolizes action and the red clothes signify that She is destroying evil and protecting mankind from pain and suffering.



Go, blend it with Red and Celebrate the victory of good over the evil…



courtesy: kolkatapages,highheel,missmalini,idiva

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