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Hoverr and shop celebrity look digitally Hoverr.me

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There are many a times we see an interesting outfit which we like on a celebrity as we read a magazine, newspaper or in a movie. We always wondered how do we go about finding out what they wear and shop them if want to. We tend to forget or miss them as there is no such facility available now. Hoverr and shop celebrity look digitally.



Screen Shot 2013-12-19 at 11.41.29 AM



Came across this interesting venture hoverr.me, which looks at the various celebrity photographs across the news media and compares it through a digital lens with various e commerce sites and comes out with similar looking products. You just need to hover the images you see. check it out at hoverr.me



While this technology can work with digital photographs in news paper media, what about screen images from TV,Theatre etc…which are also sources of inspiration.



Looking forward to more technology enabled shopping bridging the gap between intent and acquisition.



Keep watching this space for the latest in fashion solutions !

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