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How to Make Ripped and Studded Jeans

How to Make Ripped and Studded Jeans

Haven’t you ever wanted to make your own ripped jeans? Or a studded one?

Many times we are left with these old jeans and trousers that go out of style or we have worn them too many times and get bored, but we just love them too much to just throw them out.  If only there was a way to do something about these old pairs!!!

Well in this edit, I will show you how to make ripped and studded jeans from your old pair of jeans/ trousers.

So lets start with picking up an old pair. I will use a woven trouser for this and this has become very old and faded and I really want to refashion it.

How to Make Ripped Jeans

Then cuff the hemline to a desirable length. Choose some studs of your choice; I went with butterflies as I already had them.

20151003_202039   20151003_202444

Now put each stud on the cuff area randomly. Put as many as you like. If you want, you can use different types of studs or differently coloured ones to bring a little variety.

20151003_202249 20151003_202942


Then coming to rips: Choose a particular point on the pants to make the rips. Make sure its at an appropriate length of the leg for your comfort. Then make two cuts with scissors in the horizontal direction of the pants.

20151003_203252    20151003_203336

Now take a pair of tweezers, and remove the threads of the vertical direction of the pants.It would look something like this. Now try to loosen the threads around this rip. Make sure you don’t cut of a bigger portion in this process. the idea is to gradually blend this rip into the woven material. Always make smaller rips than you would actually care to wear, as they might become bigger by the pulling of threads. Make one or two rips more on the other leg.

20151003_203507    20151003_204041     20151003_204345     20151003_204803


You will have something like this. Don’t worry if you don’t get it perfectly. After all it’s ripped pants, it will be stylish anyway. Just make sure to wear it with confidence.

How to Make Ripped and Studded Jeans


It will look something like this when you wear it. If you want the rips to be more pronounced, then make bigger rips. You can also make them end to end on the front legs and add patches behind.

How to Make Ripped and Studded Jeans

These are two looks of the same ripped and studded pair. Wear this with a simple white t-shirt (as it is a classic), or just go with any colour that suits the colour of your pants. Depending on the shoes and accessories, you can make the same pair look like a casual style or a party piece. Make sure to be confident, as confident is the key to wearing boyfriend style jeans.

Screenshot002 How to Make Ripped and Studded Jeans

So no more buying these stylish pair of denims and pants from the stores. You can make your own pair with minimal materials and a little bit of effort. Also, they will be one-of-a-kind.

Did you find this post helpful? Did you make a little project yourself and would like to show it to us ? If you have any other topic in my and would like me to show how its done, or come up with ‘Do It Yourself’ project, please leave a comment.

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