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How to Nail the Nerd Look

How to Nail the Nerd Look

Gone are the days when nerds were the social outcasts. In the intellectual times of toddy, the nerds are the intellectual rock stars. They are the ones one with whom lies the responsibility of taking the world further. Well, I may have exaggerated a bit. But you have to admit, nerds are cool now!

However, we cannot help our physical judgments, can we? No matter how intelligent, we want our nerd to look like the cool nerds. Thanks to Sheldon Cooper, social awkwardness is fine; but appearance has to be right. So, here are some really easy steps to get your nerd look going for you.

  1. Get the right specs:

How to Nail the Nerd Look

Nerds without glasses are like cheerleaders without pompoms, they don’t make sense. So even if you are a blessed soul with the perfect eye sight despite all the reading, get yourself a pair of (cough *fake* cough) specs. Now, ideally, nerds go for the larger frames to accommodate the vast reading. More so, it is an identifier that sets them apart from those cool kids with bad eyesight.

  1. Clothes matter

nail look2

You thought nerds didn’t have to worry about fashion sense? Hah! Which world are you in? Nerds have a different sense of fashion, but fashion they have. You need to make sure your dressing is comfortable and clearly communicates that you are not looking at being attractive. Though you can do that in really good colours. Also, nerds wear shoes. Not sandals, not floaters, shoes… period!

  1. Hair and care

nail look3

Nerds can’t afford to have high maintenance hear styles. For girls the perfect nerd look can be of two types. First, hair tied up in a bun or a ponytail to keep them from falling in the eyes or anything else. Second, open straight and not bouncy at all. In my opinion, the first is faster and easier to manage. For guys any hairstyle that you don’t need to (secretly) blow dry to achieve perfection in. Short hair or oiled long hair would make sure you fit right in the zone.

  1. Baggage Central

nail look4

A nerd cannot move around without thine books. So a bag a nerd must have. Nerds ordinarily prefer back packs because it keeps their hands free and clean. But a side sling would also be acceptable if that is where your comfort lies. Nerd girls please note, fancy designer purses are not a nerd thing, so try to keep the purse simple and strap long.

There you go my nerdy amigos, your guide to have the perfect nerd look. Do note that a nerd is as a nerd does. So with all this, if you do not have working knowledge of everything under the sun, you are not a real nerd!

Disclaimer: No nerds were hurt while writing this article. The writer is a nerd herself!

Content courtesy : Rashida Poonawala

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