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How to Refashion Old Pants

How to Refashion Old Pants

Have you ever felt like wearing one of those tie-dye pants… well you have seen others wearing them and probaly own a piece yourself, or atleast thought of getting one for yourself! It often happens that we are find these old pairs of jeans and trousers and think if we could do something to stylise them. In this edit, I am going to show a very simple method of how to refashion old pants into these cool tie-dye patterned bottoms by using the colour fading technique of bleach.

First take out some old pair of bottoms that you want to stylize. I have taken these blue pants.

How to Refashion Old Pants

Then take a lot of rubber bands or threads and tie small portions of the cloth of the pants. I am using rubber bands here as they are easy to tie and untie. It will take a little time to make these small bundles.

20151004_161511 How to Refashion Old Pants

After you have covered all areas of the pant, take the tied bundle together and try to squeeze and tie it into an even smaller bundle. It would look something like this.

How to Refashion Old Pants

Now take hot water in a bucket and add bleaching liquid or powder to the water. Minimize skin contact with the bleach as it may cause rashes. Then dip the bundle into the bucket and turn it a few times so that all areas are covered in the bleaching water. Keep a look for the amount of colour that the cloth loses. After drying, the colour loss will be more pronounced than in the wet stage, so make sure you bleach the pants little less than what you actually want.


Take the pants out of the water. Take all the threads and rubber bands off and wash in normal water with little detergent. Hand to dry.

So now you are ready with your own refashioned pants. These are totally unique and you can stylize these with high heels or with flat shoes.

Here are the before and after images of me wearing the same pair of pants. They look totally different. No one can tell the difference!

11   14


So how did you like this easy and cool technique? Do let me know. Also, if you would like to see another DIY topic, please mention in the comment section.





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