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Print Fiesta: the Trendiest Tops

Print Fiesta: the Trendiest Tops

Summer as we all know is the season of colours and prints and tank tops and shorts. Its my favourite fashion season as I get to wear skirts a lot. However, now summer season is about to be over and that gives way to a an amazingly beautiful weather, before the cold of the winter, which gives way for layered clothing and mostly darker colours. So its time to be a little bit in the mood of celebration – fashion-wise… and what better than colours and prints for pepped-up moods. Even the most somber styled people like to go all colourful and all-over prints once in a while and with the pieces that we have brought for you in this edit, let’s be a part of this print fiesta with the trendiest tops.


Black Chinese Knot Featured Batwing Top

This top is just gorgeous with its contrast and the mix of geometric and organic prints. It can be accessorised with a long chain and pendant or a bunch of bracelets as shown in this picture.

1 black-chinese-knot-featured-batwing-adult-blouse



Flower Print Orange Bohemian Chiffon Blouse

For those who love orange (like me), this is a fun top. Moreover the black print brings down the brighter tone a little bit and gives a visually pleasing balance.

2 casual-flower-print-orange-bohemian-chiffon-blouse-top



Boho Feather Pattern Chiffon Blouse Top

This reminds me of an early autumn garden somehow… this top makes a statement without being dramatic.

3 boho-feather-pattern-chiffon-blouse-top


Butterfly Elegant Chiffon Top

Not one to like butterfly prints, this top I’d say is quite interesting and the colour and print combination is quite classic in the casual sense.

4 allover-butterflies-elegant-chiffon-blouse


Purple Printed Boho Fashion Chiffon Blouse

This top just catches your eye with its contrasting colours and the print with blurred details in it.

Print Fiesta: the Trendiest Tops


Chiffon Floral Print Bohemian Style Top

This top has a very ethnic look and charm to itself, and can be worn in Indian and western styles both.


(images via: www.cilory.com)


So these are some of the trendiest prints for women’s tops this season. Don’t you agree these tops look amazing and would be good additions to your wardrobe. Which one did you like the best…my favorite is the chiffon floral print bohemian style top.

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