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Shop As You See (SAYS) – India’s First

shop as you see

Whyoffashion tries to bring the best of value to our readers. In a new initiative, Whyoffashion is piloting Shop As You See (SAYS), an India First, and take your feedback.



shop as you see



We all see a lot of images in media whether it is newspaper, digital etc. Many a times we like what the celebrity is wearing. One fundamental question is “Where do you buy this, how do you find it”. In attempting to answer these questions, we partnered on a pilot basis with hoverr.me (using latest imaging technologies) to provide looks for the images you see as you see it.



These recommendations then link to online shop where you could choose to shop the closest ones.



Please have a look at this test page Shop As You See (SAYS) and provide your comments. Pleas let us know what all inputs do you need for your to shop easy and shop as you see.



Keep watching this space to see latest updates on “Shop As You See”…..

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