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Shop Fashion Online In Your Own Terms – Fresh and Bargain – Online Innovation

shop fashion online in your terms

Bargain is a habit in most part of our country and globally especially in local markets. There is a sense of win in a bargain transaction. Have you seen an online portal doing it? Here is the experience of shopping in your own terms. Shop Fashion Online In Your own Terms.



Shop Fashion Online In Your own Terms



This is an online shopping site operating out of Boston. They provide premium/luxury designer women's apparel and accessories. The concept of the store is "Negotiate Your Own Price" (NYOP-oly).


It is a simple registration process with your email id and a password. My experience with the site.



Step 1 



Log in to nyopoly.com. You get a member registration box, provide your email id.



shop fashion online in your own terms



You will be asked a password. Now you are all set to shop in your own terms.



Step 2



Sign in with your email and password. Select the product, and this is what you would see.



shop fashion online in your own terms



Step 3



There is a list price displayed and you have an option to put in your price. i TRIED A 50% less price on the product. Let us see what happens.



shop fashion online in your own terms



I got a 36% discounted price as a counter offer which included a 20% cash back. I have an option of continuing with next try, in that case if the effort is not successful cash back drops to 10%. There is a maximum of three tries.



Is bargaining a part of all classes of consumption ? Is it more true in value products ? May be it it across. What is your view? Would you prefer such a model of purchase in fashion ?



Definitely an innovation trial in online shopping of fashion. Let us wait and see how consumers respond to such a model. The initial traffic ranking shows it is in early stages. We will keep a close watch.



Keep watching this space for the latest in fashion shopping innovations.




image courtesy: Nyopoly

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