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Sydney Street Fashion – What’s Trending in Sydney?

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Fashion being what it is, most of us are clueless on taking our first steps.
Streets are a good place to learn walking. this is true of fashion too.
Streets of every place have their own stories to tell, lessons to teach, inspiring their own flavour of fashion.


We will go about observing streets of various cities across the world , on a virtual fashion learning Trip. Here’s to a good beginning; Let’s start with Sydney Street Fashion.





Sydney is the most populous city of Australia, located in the south east coast.


Being the first site of the British colonization in Australia, Sydney was built on and around hills near Port Jackson,  also called the Sydney harbour. The Sydney Opera House in its mesmerising architecture adds to the awe element for tourists.



The city attracts tourists not just for its  coastline and breathtaking beaches, but also for its sporting culture. Sydney also ranks among the top 10 most livable cities in the world and is considered among the top fashion capitals of the world.  This seems to rub off on those  local to Sydney too, as seen in this shot. Certainly qualifies to be a statement pic on Sydney Street Fashion


Screen Shot 2013-08-17 at 9.48.55 PM

Image courtesy : streetpeeper



Sleeveless Cat T-shirt



Black Tote Bag



Blue slim fit jeans



White Sneaker



Here is a short clip from the street and beach of Sydney. A Sydney Street Fashion.



video courtesy: robinjames



Get Inspired, Look Smart !!

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